Sunday, February 16, 2014

Why are emails scrambled by IPhones?

IPhones have a feature where they anticipate what you would like to say and enter the word for you. They also autocorrect misspellings. One problem I have had in the past is the anticipation is often a little skewed. I ran into a possible reason for the mix  up. Professor Irwin Corey. What would he have to do with this you ask? I believe that instead of Al Gore inventing the internet it was a grad school project for Professor Corey's Masters In Phraseology.
I was going through and checking the status of some of my videos on YouTube. One of the features is automatic captioning. The following is the transcript of the captions provided for my video  Safe Operation of a Bench Grinder - a video tutorial from Old Sneelock's Workshop, , by the little elves of YouTube.

they work

0:16 talking

0:16 her better survive how people

0:19 right writer very useful

0:23 the right here with proper use your

0:27 very good job powerful use power tools they can do things that we can't do

0:34 they can to it we don't want

0:37 let's talk a little bit about the when you're working out a background really

0:42 want to have enough light

0:43 yeah be able to see clearly make sure that there's nothing going wrong

0:46 I like to use the best like over-the-top

0:49 writer that his like right needed keeps it on my way

0:58 I can see clearly where the wheel is what's going on well the first thing you

1:02 wanna check to make sure before we do anything

1:04 right here that isn't what there's

1:11 kids are very important there hola

1:15 and the spark guard to rest is there to support the park

1:20 being ground if the gap is large enough between

1:23 cooler and the wheel for this shit will drop into it

1:27 it will quickly what we'll to a stop

1:30 stopping this big writer using this

1:33 fragile little wheel I'm going to shatter this wheel

1:36 so we always want to have this Tara

1:39 up close the wheel are watching

1:43 minimum is considered to be within one day

1:46 that that saw he visto left is closer than 18

1:52 that for the spark guard

1:55 progress well from flying around the clock the wheel

1:59 your face in the event that the wheel brake the spark guard will help contain

2:04 the pieces inside this route

2:06 heavy cast-iron trout should contain all the pieces

2:10 so that they don't come flying out at you I we talk about these two guys

2:17 ok talk about y'all

2:20 should be right here funny don't make it up and get run over

2:26 a way to turn off because you might be caught in the machine

2:29 life right here easily accessible always have the best

2:34 greater quiet down securely you don't wanna walking all over the place and you

2:38 and it starts to fall and you act that grab a hold the wheel that would make a

2:43 good bet

2:44 let's talk about how to use a great grinder

2:48 designed to cut I'm this surface only there are other guys we'll

2:53 but this kind of wheeler designed to grind on this surface all

2:56 never on the side the reason for that if you want to have this wheel

3:01 now and lose structural integrity it relies on the whole circus at the wheel

3:05 the whole this matter altogether

3:07 by greg did not in here and we can that will it be to that comes out

3:11 eight-inch French rider will travel to far sixty-mile-an-hour officer

3:15 was doing 34 yeah at all in fact I don't think I pick after rock

3:22 coming at my head from this quote it was released sixty-mile

3:26 movingly when you have to walk everything we grind out as we look when

3:33 I get off

3:34 he although red hot sparks coming off the wheel all that he is being

3:39 that made it into this part we don't want to burn ourselves on the park

3:43 and we don't want to take the paper I'll chisel

3:46 regret make sure that the grinders aw

3:51 when plugged yeah we don't have you get caught into it

3:55 because actually out plug in the dryer

3:58 make sure has

4:02 three prong plug at the outlet recall anything can become

4:07 energized background writers and/or work with our safety glasses we also want to

4:12 put on a

4:12 hearing protection prevents damage your ears

4:17 unfortunately when I first started out

4:20 here all here

4:24 damage already using what I am I

4:35 Co

4:41 I

4:45 Co

4:47 Co

4:50 I

4:59 I

5:10 or while writer embattled

5:13 and and and thought weird

I think the one I like best is at 3:11 "eight-inch French rider will travel to far sixty-mile-an-hour officer"

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