Thursday, February 15, 2018

Wine Cask Tap Drill/Reamer

I picked up this item many years ago. Never really had a need for it. While I was at a going out of business sale at a local hardware store there was a barrel bung for sale. I picked it up and now I had a reason to sharpened the barrel bung drill/reamer.
I imagine it isn't a very common tool anymore but it is a neat little bit of history.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Repairing A Cracked Stanley #4 Plane

I've been told I'm stubborn. I tend to do things just to prove they can be done. That probably is the reason behind silver soldering together a cracked Stanley #4 plane.
Silver Solder is a relatively low temp alloy of tin, silver, and copper. The process took a lot longer than just this playlists worth of work. Claiming the torch repair as part of the work on the plane would be inaccurate.
I was able to get the body back in one piece and fairly straight. This is a video series of what I had to do to get it back to working condition.
If you want to see how I did the soldering you can watch another playlist.
Blow Torch Blowout

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Union Transitional Plane No. 537

This plane was a mess. It needed everything. The wood was checked. The sole was worn away. The blade was dull and pitted. The screws that held it together had come loose from the sole plate. The tote and knob were weathered to near distruction.
It was perfect. In one project I could apply everything I knew about restoring a transitional plane.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sharpening Jigs

I use hand tools as much as possible while I'm cleaning up and restoring things. That doesn't mean I only hold things with my hands. Jigs and fixtures help me to do a better job. They also make it a lot easier to do some of the repetitive parts without developing a crick in my neck or have a carpal tunnel flare up.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cushman Chuck Disassemble & Clean

When I bought it the South Bend 9C came with two chucks a 3 and a 4 jaw chuck. To bad the 3 jaw only had the outside jaws. I went looking for a new chuck but it was going to cost more than the price of the lathe.
I set a tickler on Ebay and waited. I knew what I wanted to pay I just didn't know if I would find one for that price. This one came up and I bid. I always set a price and bid it. Then I don't look again until the bidding is done. I won!
Now all I had to do was wait.
Then clean it, chase the threads, remove the rust, and fit it on the spindle. Easy!