Monday, March 14, 2011

Treadle Grinder

After a year of patient waiting, oiling, tapping, waiting again, I finally have the cranks off of the treadle grind stone and shaft that I picked up. My intent was to quickly build a stand and treadles, jump on the seat and Bob’s yer uncle.
Alas it was not to be. When I got off the poor bedraggled bearings, that someone had butchered onto the shaft, I found that the shaft is severely worn. My lathe has a 9” swing over the bed and the stone is 20” diameter so just chucking up the shaft is not easily accomplished. No problem I’ll just remove the shaft and weld it up. Turning it in the lathe will be a snap right? More oiling an tapping. Patience is rapidly becoming a scarce commodity.
I'm looking for someone with experience remove grindstone shafts. The shaft is of minor consequence if need be I'll drill the thing out and put in a new shaft but I'm concerned about damaging the stone.
Anyone with an idea just drop me a line.


  1. They are usually leaded in.

  2. Thanks John
    I've seen them with wooden plugs in square holes cut into the stone too.
    I'm still being patient but leaning more toward drilling the 3/4" shaft out of the stub shaft/collar that the stone is clamped in.

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    1. I apologize Colt. I haven't checked back on this post in a long time. I was able to remove the shaft by applying Kroil penetrating oil to the shaft every day and tapping on the shaft for a few weeks. It finally started moving and just came right out. The large iron bushing will remain in place.