Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rust Hunt

I had to work today so I treated myself to a trip to Mason, Michigan. I didn’t go further than down Peddlers Row but I managed to pick up a rather interesting chisel, stamped I. Sorby Sheffield, a looong 1” dia Irwin style barn auger bit, and some candidates for the chisel repair pile.

The bottom chisel is the I. Sorby.

I'm not sure what the makers mark is. On the butt of the handle it's stamped "Indestructible".

If you have an idea what the makers mark is I'd appreciate it if you would let me know.

The socket chisel is a Craftsman. It's pretty well beat up but maybe the socket can be reforged.

The chisel just above the auger is a Millers Tool Steel. The tang has been hit a few times but not too bad.

Last and least, the top gouge has the tip broken off and the name is corroded down to just a "C".

Four chisels, three with names, not bad for $2.00.

The auger is an Irwin style bit. No name on the shank. The handle on it was "adapted" in other words driven onto the shank of the bit. Augers are my favorites so I'll sharpen it up and try to rebuild the handle. The handle is an adjustable type. It should have an eye bolt through the slot that the shank was driven through, with a wing nut on the end to tighten the shank into the handle.

In the back of one of the stalls I found a Stanley No. 358 miter box. What I thought was a rare item. A quick check on the net shows it's not that rare and the price was too high for a miter box without a blade.

The Work-Mate that it's sitting on is pretty good but I already have three. 

A great way to spend an afternoon.


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  1. Later that fall the price on the miter box dropped by 50% so it came home with me. Patience is a virtue and a price cutter.