Friday, November 7, 2014

These things I know.
These things I believe to be true.
Science and religion are not mutually exclusive. If anything they are mirrors reflecting the truths evident in each other.
Having children makes understanding Gods existence easier.
The love for a son or daughter is transcending. A fundamental change in world view that opened my eyes to the wonder of the world and all the danger that exists in it.
Do I shelter him from exposure or guide him to see the danger on his own. Knowing that I cannot always shelter him I gave him guidance and I trust him to see the dangers.
God gave us the ability to see the dangers. That ability of free thought and free will leads us to use, what we call, science to understand the world around us. Gods guidance doesn't shelter us from the world. It lets us understand the existence of what we can see and propose to be real.
I awake each day to live life anew. I will never understand all that I see, but I can believe l will wake up tomorrow.

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