Thursday, September 4, 2014

Tinkers Work - Soldering On A Patch - a video tutorial by Old Sneelock's...

Gerry or jerry can, whichever name you use it immediately brings to mind an image of a squat rectangular can strapped to the back of a jeep bounding across the desert.
Well maybe not for everyone but I really liked Rat Patrol when it was on.
In any case the convenience of the design and it's ability to outlast almost any other container for the same use has endeared this 80 year old design to farmers, construction workers, military members, and off road enthusiasts the world over. Perhaps that was helped by the leaving of millions of these containers world wide after WWII. Developed by German engineers in the 30's, both sides used essentially the same design to disperse fuel and water though out the world to their respective armies.

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