Saturday, August 16, 2014

Resurecting a Swan Beam Drilling Machine - Pt 1 - Evaluation by Old Snee...

Beam drills are an interesting study in old tools. Long before electric motors were used to do most of the work in carpentry men used their muscles for power. Leverage and gearing were the advantage that beam drills had over the old fashioned T handle barn drills.
By allowing the operator to use both hands to crank in continuous motion, providing a guide for the drill bit, and  some high end models had two speeds.
This drill is complete but it needs some of the parts replaced. Best bet is it laid on a wet floor because the power head isn't rusted but the end of the curved brace and the top bar on the rack is dry rotted.
The wood is going to be replaced with new oak. All the screws will be replaced. The set screw in the chuck is frozen and will have to be replaced. With those and 2 new knobs the drill will be in top shape again.

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