Sunday, May 25, 2014

Who is Old Sneelock?

When I started the Old Sneelock's Workshop channel there had been some discussion on the Old Tools mailing list. of how to sharpen a woodworking auger bit. I have a fascination with old tools, mainly barn augers. I had studied the problem of how to bring back old, rusty, dull auger bits to useful condition. Word pictures are an art. Very few people can get an idea across to a diverse audience using the written word alone. I worked as an Industrial Engineer for many years. One of the facets of the job was to create work instructions for building and assembling hundreds of different products. I decided to use the skills others had taught me to put up a video showing how to sharpen an auger bit. If a picture is worth a thousand words, 30 frames a second adds up to a lot of words really quick.
One thing led to another and I've found myself with more than 70 videos ranging from using a tractor to wiring a house. It's a niche channel but we just hit 600 subscribers and are rapidly approaching 100,000 views.
It's a great way to share what I've learned over a lifetime of work.

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