Monday, January 13, 2014

Installing A Quick Adjust Bench Vise Part 4 of 4 - a video tutorial from...

The vise is installed and working quite well.
I've sanded off the top, filled in the screw heads, and painted the bench.

On to the next project. Repairing the Silver Mfg Co. hand cranked drill press will require some silver soldering to repair the broken flywheel.
Two and a half years ago, during the move, the drill press fell off the back of the truck in rush hour traffic. Quite exciting.
I'm going to try and use the blow torches to heat up the flywheel for silver soldering. It's been better than 40 years since I've used blow torches but they are the best for heating a large area. Lots of heat and a big flame. I'm going to set up the fire bricks in the blacksmith shop and see I can make an oven top to contain the heat.

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