Friday, November 15, 2013

Warning - Minor Rant

About 2 months ago a gentleman named Mike Butler posted the following on a friends Facebook page.
"Down with government!!!! Let's fire everyone. Let's start with firefighters, then police officers, then those who put on military uniforms and serve our nation as citizen soldiers, and while we're at out let's fire all the teachers and close all the schools, because what this nation really needs is more dumbshits out there who blame the government for everything they think is wrong with us.

Here's a radical suggestion--read the first words of the Constitution. it begins, "We the People." I am so tired of the negativity toward our nation. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying we should be silent when there are problems and concerns we must face, but come on folks sometimes we need to shut up and instead step up and be the "people" of " We the people."

Ask yourself, "how have you made your neighborhood better today? How have you made your city better today? How have you made our nation better today? Turn off "Fox New Complaints Everyday" and go do something positive for your neighbors.

Oh yeah, I forgot one thing, I'm proud to live in a nation that can elect a President whose name is Barack Obama"

I am never one to let a turd float in the punchbowl so I replied.

Mike Butler makes a point that we should just soldier on. I'm hoping he's going for the shock value of fire the firefighters etc. because that's looking at the wrong end of the problem. Rather than shouting that we should do patently stupid actions like firing everyone, close the White House to tours and serve cold dinners to men in the field, maybe we should just park AF1 and the limo for a couple weeks and serve bean soup to the several thousand support staff. That would save us 100 million or so. Drop half the IRS and pay them welfare. Instead of $80,000.00 a year to harass the citizens they would only cost $20,000.00. each. That's a savings of hmm.... just how many people would that be? 88,203/2 equals 44,102. Multiplied by $60,000.00 that equals $5,292,180,000.00 that's 5 billion with a B saved each year.

Since posting the response I have tallied up a few additional things that I can be proud to live in a nation willing to:
1. Figure out a way to harass and subvert any political opposition to the current regime. By using the IRS to audit the tax exempt status of any subset of the Republican and Libertarian parties the Democrats, under their fearless leader, have been able to stifle any attempt to defeat them politically.

2  Set up the worlds largest spying operation since Stalin. The NSA has spent untold billions of Black Ops money to be able to listen in and record every cell phone, internet, email, broadcast, or carrier pigeon message that anyone in the world would have need of. Freedom of the press? Not on their watch. Fox News doesn't play ball so we will have to sick the NSA on them. Congress too. They might be calling Fox News.

3. Close the national monuments. No small task as it takes far more people to keep the public out of an open air monument to the soldiers who fought and died in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and the three current wars we are fighting in Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria, than it would to let the gates be open. Oh wait they had to put up gates to keep people out. The monuments were never designed to be closed.

4. Close the national parks. Yosemite, Mount Rushmore, Blue Ridge Parkway. Not only close them but block the roads so you can't pull over and see Mount Rushmore with binoculars.

It's late and I'm tired. Tired of wondering what this ragtag group of refuges from the 60's counter culture are going to cook up next. Maybe just something small like screw up health care. No Way. Not even they would stoop that low.

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