Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hand Crank Grinders

Posted to Youtube and elaborated on here.

Hand grinders are cool. When I was a kid our neighbor Mr. Russel had one on his work bench. I loved to crank the grinder every time my Dad and I went to visit. Now I have a few of my own.
One of my hand grinders had lash in the spindle that let the wheel rattle back and forth. A couple of quick adjustments and a little oil and it's working like a champ.I recently purchased a little hand crank grinder because of it's unique design.

After posting a quick repair vid on Youtube I received a comment from McQualude (yes that's the name) that it was a Luther 51 grinder. While researching the name I came across this thread on Sawmill Creek!   In addition I found this catalog on Toolemera
This is a really cool little grinder. Until I read the catalog I had no idea that it could be set up as a tool grinder, milk separator, and even a breast drill. I especially liked the foot treadle on page 19.
The inventor must be Luther McGiver. 

One of the things people comment on in most of the articles and videos I've seen is that the wheels are out of balance. Most think they need to install a new wheel.
If you dress the wheel by holding a diamond point, star wheel, or even a piece of grindstone as a dresser, against the wheel so that it just touches the high spot as it turns then slowly advance the dresser until as the high spot wears down it ends up touching the whole surface of the wheel it can be brought back round.
The other advantage is, the wheel will be sharp and square so it will cut much quicker and not heat the part as much.

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