Friday, November 23, 2012

Rant alert.

For the past month I've been driving home from work down Cedar Street in Lansing. I pass the corner of Saginaw and Cedar and there is usually one or two people standing there with a sign. "Unemployed need help"
Hell I even gave one of the guys a couple bucks. Then I thought what the hell am I doing.
I'm concerned about you poor people who can't get a job because the Boss won't hire you. How am I helping you to improve yourself. I give you 2 dollars. You learn to stand there and beg for a living.
You now work for the government. You get government food, you live in government housing, you drive a government car, your kids are in government daycare, now you use a government phone to call your friends back at home and send money back to your family so they can move here.
What will happen when we decide we can't afford to support you anymore. Since we are the government we will shut down the mill. No food, no house, no car, no daycare, no phone. Wait a minute no phone to call home? Might as well go home now.
I don't mean South America either. Move back to the little hick towns that everyone moved to the city to get away from. Your welfare checks will still keep coming. Raise chickens and hogs, they'll eat anything and the first two make 10 more. Then you can feed yourself. Sell what you don't eat. Houses in the country are falling down everyone moved to town. Save up 10 welfare checks and buy or rent one. Get a 1000 dollar beater on payments and use it. Home school the kids if you can, they ride the bus if you can't. You'll be too busy to call anyone and you won't want another mouth to feed.
Problem solved.
Your food is right there for the fixing. The house is as good as your willing to make it. You're supporting yourself and your family.
Congratulations you're now a Republican.

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