Sunday, July 15, 2012

SWMBO had to work so I spent yesterday on my own near Hastings, MI at Charlton Park.  It’s an historical village on the Thornapple river that reflects life in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Every chance I get I always enjoy going to the Annual Gas & Steam Engine Show because every display is open. I get to watch the giant steam powered saw mill running and see 10 to 15 running steam traction engines cruise the grounds during the steam parade on the village green.
There are a great many hit and miss engines scattered around the grounds running grist mills, pumps, generators, and other items too numerous to mention.
Since I got there early I got to watch and ask way too many questions while the blacksmith and his apprentice were rigging up the two chamber bellows for the forge.  For their demonstration later they were forging a hasp while I rested out of the sun on the bench just inside the shop door.
There wasn’t a carpenter in the carpenter/cooper shop this time, but there were a lot of tools.
This year there were four steam launches at on the river offering rides.
Maybe next year I’ll have more time and will get to cruise the Thornapple.
I did manage to pick up 6 auger bits and 100 pencils at the flea market. Altogether I spent $1.50 for the bunch.
No affiliation, YMMV, etc.
A great way to spend the day.

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