Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jumping through hoops.

It seemed so easy. Just sign on, sign in, and join the wonderfull world of blogging.
Then I ran afoul of COOKIES. I didn't get a malicious cookie or have problems with too many cookies overloading my system I just couldn't log on to Google because COOKIES were turned off on my web browser.
I opened tools access in my browser. NO LUCK. I tried the help functions and after 10 or 12 clicks still no joy. Turned off the spam firewall, turned on Gamer Mode, still nothing.
After all this I stumbled on a menu that showed a list of blocked websites. Google showed up as always blocked. I removed Google from the list and it started working. I'm unable to discover where the list is now and I can't pull down any menu that looks right.
But it's there you just have to dig.

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